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Cheap hotels in Cancun, Mexico

paradisus-cancun-resort-all-inclusiveCancun is one of the beautiful cities in Mexico where many tourists spend vacation for relaxation. Many Cancun hotels are offering low prices that lure visitors to pack on a trip to the city.

Cancun Mexico is one of the wonderful international tourist spots in the world. It became famous for being quite expensive due to its sumptuous resort areas. These resorts are formed along the main section of beaches. Continue reading

A little Mexican adventure vacation

A lot of people plan their vacations months in advance. The reason why some people do it is because they would want everything to be perfect. They want the hotel checked out, they want the destination close to the hotel, they want their activities lined up and ready for them and of course they want to be treated special because after all they are paying tons and tons of money.
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Travel to Port of Spain

Trinidad’s and Tobago’s capital, the Port of Spain is the country’s third biggest city by populace, and is situated on the northwest shore of Trinidad island. The Port of Spain was in the beginning a small quiet north-west cape fishing village called “Conquerabia”, a name given by its local Indians because of their victorious battle against early attacks of Spanish explorers in 1532. Continue reading

Paricutin Volcano, Mexico

On February 20, 1943, a crack began in Dionisio Pulido’s cornfield. The trees shivered and the Earth got swollen. The exterior of the earth lifted itself to a height of approximately150 feet. Vestiges, very fine dust particles and gray smoke started rising from the pointed creation. The earth perpetually whistled a noisy murmur as though it was crying in pain. The stink of sulfur was hanging deep in the air. That very night the lava made a bombarded attack on the cornfields, giving beginning to the stunning Paricutin Volcano. Continue reading

Travel to Costa Rica

Travel to Costa Rica to discover why our country was rated number 1 in the world on the Happy Planet Index according to the New Economics Foundation. As the greenest country in the world, the “Rich Coast”, the literal translation of Costa Rica, is complete with the largest protected areas of tropical green vegetation and wildlife from virtually every view. Continue reading

Honduras island beach vacation

Honduras is not the first place that comes to mind when people think of vacation plans but Honduras vacations have become a highly sought after ticket in recent years. The beach of Honduras Roatan stretches 30 miles and is a picturesque scene that incorporates all the beauty that is associated with the Caribbean. White sand beaches dotted with wistful coconut trees that give way to crystal clear blue waters that that form this impressive Central American shoreline. Roatan hotels offer the best in vacation resorts and are comparable to other vacation spots around the world. Continue reading