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The islands of Mallorca and Menorca sit as close neighbours in the Mediterranean just a few miles apart and both making claims as attractive holiday destinations. Certainly Mallorca has plenty to offer and has been a favourite destination for English and German tourists for many years now. But when you hear that Spaniards tend to prefer the island of Menorca, you wonder if there are secrets about the smaller island that other tourists have not yet discovered.

Menorca lies just over 20 miles off Mallorca’s north eastern tip and is an island one fifth the size of Mallorca with just one tenth of the population of its bigger brother. Just going on those statistics, Menorca half as densely populated, but that’s probably it doesn’t have the same cosmopolitan city in the way Mallorca has Palma. There are also plenty of other things Menorca doesn’t have such as a range of mountains, no big purpose-built tourist resorts, no huge airport and no large sports stadiums. But maybe that’s what makes Menorca attractive to the Spanish people? Maybe it’s the quieter more understated style that brings people to this island for a restful holiday.

But looking at what Menorca does offer reveals some clues about the island’s secret draw. There are some amazingly beautiful coastal areas and a wide choice of small and medium sized beaches that are perfect for quieter, more family-oriented holidays. Here are a few examples of those beaches, some large and popular, some more remote but well worth effort in travelling to.

Punto Prima is a beach area in the south east of the island that is almost perfect for a family day by the sea. Soft golden sand leads down to calm, shallow waters and there is lots of room, even on a busy day. On occasion stronger currents can develop, so small children and weak swimmers need to be aware. Nearby are a small selection of shops to procure supplies and a choice of cafes and restaurants.

Not too far away and still in the south east of the island is Cala’n Porter, another great beach for a day out. This is a smaller beach set down a small inlet which either makes the sea calmer on certain days or channels in the waves on others. There are a lot of villa developments nearby for those who want to rent a self-catering holiday home near to a beach, but no much in the way of large hotels. High cliffs on both sides of the beach frame this pretty area that looks wonderful by night.

In the north of the island is Son Parc with its long white sandy beach, regarded by some as the best on Menorca. This really is the epitome of family beach holidays as the water here is ideal for young children. The sea, almost lagoon like, remains very shallow for a long way out making it great for paddling, splashing around or just sitting in the water to keep cool. The beach has all the other features to make it safe and comfortable. Visitors can hire a sunbed or parasol and lifeguards patrol to keep everything safe. The resort is not large but has enough in the way of facilities and refreshment outlets to keep everyone fed and watered.

Once everyone has had there fill of beach time, Menorca has other things to offer. The countryside is great walking terrain, with a selection of marked footpaths to explore. The Cami de Cavalls is an ancient inland and coastal footpath that circumnavigates the whole island and has recently been completely restored. It is set to be a great new asset to the island’s tourism industry, especially outside the peak summer months, when tourists come to the island for its mild winters and walking becomes a perfect pastime. The name means “path of horses” and anyone who knows Menorca will know that horses played an important part in this island’s history.

In terms of theme parks, Menorca is quite subdued, but there are two water parks, the Aqua Park in Cala Forcat and Aqua Rock in Cala Bosc, which is the larger of the two and has 4 different water slides.

For more activity and culture the capital of Mahon is another draw. Shopping, dining, theatre and concerts are all options and the city is usually the centre of any island festivals such as the Sant Joan Festival in June, which is held in Ciutadella and features some amazing horse riding displays.

Author: Dan Williams

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