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Your choice of Orlando accommodation can be difficult to make. When considering a vacation in Orlando, Florida, one of your problems will be finding the right kind of accommodation to suit you and your family. Hotel rooms are OK, but not always suitable for a family with children, and it is important to realize that there are alternatives. Let’s have a look at the various types of vacation accommodation in Orlando that people choose when on holiday and discuss the pros and cons of each.


Hotels are the standard form of accommodation that people think of first. Generally if there is a good hotel in the district then they will consider that before anything else, and the only factor considered is price. But should it be? Sure, hotels usually provide a range of services and all the cleaning is done for you every day. The restaurant is on site along with the bar, and you have a TV in your room. But what about the negative aspects of hotel vacation accommodation in Orlando?

Price could be an issue if you have a family: even two children can double the cost if they need their own room, and if it is a room for each then the price of your vacation in Orlando starts to look a bit steep. Not only that, but hotel bar and restaurant prices are a bit hefty, so you will probably end up going out of the hotel a fair bit to eat and drink in any case. How about entertainment? You won’t be out and about all the time, and your room entertainment is restricted to one TV. Mmm. . . .

Holiday Resort

So perhaps a trailer or cabin in an Orlando holiday park or resort might be better. That’s OK if you are on a tight budget, but it can get a bit crowded, and you still only have the TV to keep them occupied while in the accommodation. You will just have to plan your day to be out from morning till bed time. At least you have the option to make a sandwich or some supper at night which you can’t do in a hotel.


Maybe you can find a ranch or a farm for your Orlando vacation, but these don’t always come cheap any more. Maybe a guest house or motel, but your accommodation entertainment is still pretty basic and again you are sometimes pretty limited in your food and drink alternatives. Do your kids really want to live on a ranch or in a motel? Sounds great at first but the novelty soon wears off and they can easily get bored.

Orlando Vacation Villa

Last but not least, you could opt for an Orlando vacation villa. The negatives are that you would likely have to book early because of their popularity, but let’s look at the plusses first. Each person will have their own room: seven people seven rooms. Four people four rooms if you want, but since most are doubles, some also with a single bed in the double, a 7 bedroom villa could sleep up to a dozen people or more: ideal for a crowd of golfing buddies or an Orlando vacation with your extended family.

How about entertainment? How about a TV in each room, with a main wide screen plasma TV with a DVD player – also DVD in most of the rooms? Add to that a games console such as Playstation or Xbox and a games room with shuffle hockey and a pool table? That should be enough to keep everybody occupied, or you might just want to experience the quality of your Bose radio and CD player.

As for food, you can just eat out as if you were in any other type of Orlando vacation accommodation, or enjoy some home cooking in the luxury fitted kitchen. You have your own pool and spa, and can lounge on your poolside patio in the evening, drinking your own drinks at supermarket prices, not those charged by hotel bars. Feel like a snack? Just rustle up a sandwich or burger – a lot cheaper than room service!

How about the local attractions? How about 10 minutes or less from Disney World, Seaworld or Universal Studios? Everything close to keep the kids happy, and there are several great golf courses in the area to let you relax while mom or dad takes the kids round Disney. Now that’s what I call a vacation in Orlando!

So which of these would you prefer? It’s obvious what my choice would be, but it must be terribly expensive, mustn’t it? Absolutely not! Consider an Orlando vacation with you, your partner and, say, three children. All of an age where the three cannot all share one room. You need three hotel rooms – that not only costs, but you don’t know what they are doing in their rooms.

Now consider the villa – a four bedroom Orlando Vacation Villa so they all have their own rooms and you know exactly where they are all the time. How much do you think? I’ll tell you: $155 in High season and just 15 minutes from Disney.

That’s right, and if there is a whole bunch of you, say a dozen, then you can have a 7 bedroom Orlando vacation villa from only $210 a night: that’s $17.50 each. Now what hotel will offer you luxury accommodation at that price?

So what would your preference be? I know what mine is

Author: Mark Whichard

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