Cheap motels in Brooklyn

Brooklyn discount motels are abundant in the area and very famous for travelers. They offer amenities at a very affordable price.

Motels are establishments providing lodging to travelers. Usually motels are roadside accommodations with catering and parking accommodations primarily for transit motorists. Motel rooms generally have direct access to open parking areas.

The modern motel emerged in the 1920s as mom-and-pop motor courts on the outskirts of a town. They attracted road weary motorists looking for rest and repast. The development of super highways led to the blurring of motels and hotels offering singular lodging facilities.

The quality and standards of motels differ making it feasible to identify motels offering good deals along with regular facilities. Motels generally offer great discount rates and provide a cheaper accommodation options. The largest budget motel chain is Motel 6 having numerous locations throughout the United States. Even UK and Asutrialian motels are too in great demand offering clean, comfortable, quick, easy accommodations.

There are numerous discount motels all over the world especially in the United States. You can find the best cheap motel rooms and deals in Brooklyn, New York. Brooklyn is also called the “Borough of Homes and Churches” for it is considered as one of the 5 New York Boroughs. This wonderful city is surrounded by numerous tourist attractions, landmarks, historical architecture as well as discounted motels and hotels. There are about 2.5 million residents in Brooklyn. If ever this city is separated from the rest of the cities and towns surrounding New York, Brooklyn would be the 4th populous city in the entire country of the United States. Brooklyn holds the highest number of Russian immigrants.

Discount Motels in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Backpackers – This discount hotel is located at 4th St. just above the Cherry Tree Hostel. It offers cheap motel rooms that are comfortable and worth staying. It is also ideal for those vacationers that are on a tight budget but doesn’t want to compromise the comfort of their sleeping area. Room reservations are also available. Room rates start at only 25 US dollars per night.

Greenpoint YMCA – This is considered as one of the best discount motels in the area. It is located at 99 Meserole Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. For reservations, inquiries and other concerns, you can contact their friendly hotel management at +1-718-389-3700. You can also fax them at +1-718-349-2146. This beautiful discount hotel offers deluxe and economy rooms as well as monthly and weekly rates. This motel tends to make their prices higher during peak season. Room rates start at 99 US dollars for double rooms and 48 US dollars for deluxe rooms.

Loftstel – This accommodation is named as such because it is a shortened term for “loft and hostel. It offers free wireless Internet service, free satellite Television and cable television. Room rates start at 25 US dollars for bunks while private rooms cost around 49 US dollars per night. It is very popular for interns and students. Tourists and vacationers can also avail their monthly rates.

Holiday Inn Express – This hotel or motel is also considered among the best discount motels in Brooklyn. It is situated at 625 Union St. just near Park Slope. It has just recently opened in 2006. Hotel amenities include complimentary breakfast, comfortable furnishings and Wi-Fi access. For motel reservations, inquiries and other concerns, you can contact them at +1-718-797-1133.

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