Popular tourist attractions in Madrid

Madrid located in Spain, is one of the Earth’s most beautiful cities. This makes Madrid Spain a must see for each person who plans to make a trip to Europe. The fantastic thing about this place can’t be written down in mere words, it is something that must be experienced. Travelling in Madrid Spain is a particularly enriching experience which everyone would enjoy and never forget.

Madrid has been Spain’s capital since the year 1562 and it is located in the middle of Meseta. It is situated at an altitude of 2,119 feet above sea level. Due to its location and high altitude, the weather in Madrid Spain is composed of warm summers and cool winters. And since it is located close to the mountains, the summer and winter temperature would alter a lot. But this does not matter because whatever season you go in, Madrid Spain will always look lovely and offer you an exceedingly refreshing and pleasurable experience. Madrid has a large amount of places that everybody must see when they’re going to there. Some of these places are :

Museo del Prado
This is a really nice place to visit and it pulls millions of holiday makers every year. The Museo del Prado has a collection of some of the finest classical art in Spain. The best way to visit this place would be through a guided tour.

Centro de Arte Reina sofa
This is another art museum in Madrid Spain ; this place has a large amount of wonderful paintings made by famous artists like Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dal. This too is an amazing place that should not be missed out.

Palacio Real
The Palacio Real is one the most frequented place in Madrid, Spain. Most of the people think that the King and Queen of Spain Live here, but this is wrong. The place is generally used for conducting state ceremonies and other such events.

The plaza Mayor
The piazza Mayor is the main square of Madrid, Spain. This place is a historic point for Spain and Europe alike. The place was used as a market as well as a place of execution. This place has now been converted into a tourist heart with a lot of cafes and other facilities.

apart from these places, there are many other places that you can visit when you go to Spain. 2 other places that are visited by most tourists are :

–  Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza

–  Parque del Buen Retiro

So the next time you plan a trip, ensure you plan it to Madrid, Spain so you can enjoy the wonderful sounds and sights Madrid has to offer .

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