Denmark National Museum

While looking at the various exhibitions at the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen, visitors may grasp an understanding of Danish pre-history and modern history.  The exhibitions also cover the period in between this time, demonstrating the Danish Middle Ages and the Renaissance.  The museum also hosts a variety of temporary exhibitions.

One of the special and most famous exhibits at this museum is the ‘Chariot of the Sun’ that is a relic from the Bronze Age.

Children’s museum

This part of the Museum includes a replica of a Viking ship that children may climb aboard.  Kids will love this department that presents clothes from the olden days that children may try on and make believe.  This part of the National Museum may be enjoyed by children up to the age of twelve.

Royal Collection of Coins and Medals

In this interesting collection at the Museum, visitors may observe coins from the days of the Vikings. The collection also boasts coins from the times of ancient Rome and Greece.  The variety of medals in this collection date back to as early as the fifteenth century and their origins lie in different places around the world.

Classical and Near Eastern Antiques

This section of the Museum provides a glance into history and looks at the Near East and Egypt and also contains ancient artifacts from different cultures such as Greece and Italy.

The Ethnographical Collection

In this department, visitors may enjoy a trip around the world looking at a variety of objects and art from diverse cultures. There is no admission charge for the National Museum and visitors may enjoy a trip seeped in cultural history at this site.

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