New York: Museum of the City of New York

The name of the Museum of the City of New York renders any explanation almost redundant.  Founded in 1923, this interesting museum is a great location for learning more about the city of New York itself.  Dedicated to presenting the public with the chance to explore New York City’s diverse heritage, the MCNY looks at today, yesterday and tomorrow. 

The museum features a large range of exciting exhibitions and collections demonstrating existence in New York.  The museum acknowledges the element of constant change of life in New York and this is also reflected among the various exhibitions.

Among its collections, the City of New York Museum boasts an approximate 1.5 million objects including paintings, photographs, prints, costumes and toys that are used to convey the history of the city of New York with its diverse social and cultural heritage.

The Photography, Prints and Drawings section at the MCNY includes a wealth of images that convey the cultural setting and atmosphere of the city of New York.

The toy collection at the MCNY is an impressive one and contains more than 10,000 different articles.  This collection contributes to a social description of life in New York over the years and includes doll houses and clothes and miniature furniture.

A Theater and Broadway collection demonstrates the importance of theater to the city of New York.  This attractive exhibition includes posters, photographs, clippings, scripts, various props and costumes.

Fashion obviously has a part to play in the history of New York and this is demonstrated in the Fashion, Costumes and Textiles collection at the MCNY.  This collection contains more than 25,000 articles that illustrate different trends in the fashion culture of the city.

The MCNY also hosts a New York Paintings and Sculpture collection that includes over 2500 works of art that portray different aspects of New York life and its people.

The Museum of the City of New York helps its visitors to get a feel of the city of New York and to experience its past, present and future through the various exhibits.

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