Staying at Turks and Caicos Top Resorts

Turks the-venetian-on-grace-bayVisitors from all over the globe vacation at the best Turks and Caicos resorts. The islands offer a quaint environment and the charm of small Caribbean towns. In addition to its phenomenal year-round weather and beautiful white sandy beaches, the spectacular ocean breeze is carried crossed the turquoise seawater on the cool trade winds.

Aside from the Turks and Caicos top resorts, the islands serve as the perfect vacation destination. English is the official language on all eight major islands, and the currency is the US dollar. The specific geographical location maintains a level of protection against the Caribbean’s extreme weather systems year-round.

Commercial airliners flying in and out of the Turks and Caicos every day, originating from many nations. The islands are situated just over 500 miles away from Miami Florida, with flights taking just over one hour from departure to arrival. Transportation between the islands is simple and affordable.

The Turks and Caicos are known for their phenomenal restaurants. Many talented chefs have adopted the islands as their new home. Even though the islands have been considered the ultimate destination for the last three decades, it continues to be an unspoiled vacation spot.

There are assortment of varying options for hotel accommodations. Some of the finest Turks and Caicos top resorts are situated on Grace Bay Beach and other areas. Affordably priced, these hotels offer an intimate departure from run-of-the-mill chain hotels. The resorts are run by friendly staff who make it their goal to ensure every guest take advantage of all of the enjoyable amenities.

Many of the visitors that have come to enjoy the beauty of the islands have stayed and the built their own private getaway homes. The unique attributes of the islands make living enjoyable from the gorgeous beaches to the serenity of the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.