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Spain is known as one of the top travel destination in the world. No matter how far it could be, no one can stop the flood of tourists all over the world to travel in Spain every year. It is a country full of diversities .A Spain travel can be enjoyable at any time of a year. It all depends on what you are after.

From its diverse tourists’ attractions to culture and customs, Spain has a lot to offer. It is a summer paradise, known for its beautiful and never-ending beaches. Spain has a good weather with lots of sun. Even in winter it is just moderate and perfect for extra adventures. So it is no doubt that Spain gets crowed with sun-lovers especially during the summer season. Apart from its beautiful natural landscapes, Spain is also rich in historical and cultural heritages and architecture. All those historical places and structures are precious artworks. Therefore Spain is also a perfect heaven for art lovers and collectors.

In Spain, there are many kinds of traditional festivities. As a Catholic country, it has a range of religious festivities celebrated with much singing and dancing. Infact, Spain get awed with its music styles particularly the Flamenco. Historic bullfighting and bull runs are also held during festivities. Spectators can go to see how a brave torero faces a bull and enjoy the most exciting moments of their lives. Besides its colorful culture and diverse traditions, Spain is a modern country as well. As we all know, Las Vegas is well-known for its casinos. In Spain, you can surely enjoy the casinos and games of Europe. What’s more, Spain is the only country which has three Grand Prix Motorcycle Races in the world. Once you are in Spain, you can’t resist the temptation of open-door sports. The traditional and delicious food, from the traditional tapas, morcillais, paella and other delicious Spanish dishes, is also one of reasons which attract tourists.

There are many things to see and experience throughout the Spain. And it has become the third favorite tour destination in the world.


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