Melbourne Top Ten Structures

If you wanna take a past time after a long weekend, a Melbourne trip would loosen those shoulders.

Heres why: Melbourne of Victoria State’s capital has fascinating old and new architectures. Flinders St. Station is one of the famous landmark, the central transport system of Melbourne and holds the famous domed clock tower. Its architecture is very distinctive.

If you’re the innovative type of person, take yourself across the Flinders St Station called Federation Square, very modern and a popular place to meet. Walking around the street is not only good for your health but likewise for the eyes to see imposing architectures. As you walk along the streets you’ll see another striking structure – The St. Paul’s Cathedral (located on the corner of Swanson and Flinders Streets). They say the architecture is a revival of the style known as Gothic transitional.

Buildings are all over the business district but just like other countries Melbourne too have buildings to boast. One of the tallest building of Melbourne is the Rialto Towers (or the 6th tallest building in Australia), it’s the second tallest building after Eureka, amazing structure and remarkable. The Eureka Tower being the tallest building (or the 2nd tallest building in Australia) is really amazing on its 88th floor which features a Skydeck (observation deck)- here, you can experience the world first edge experience. Wow. You can see the whole capture from such a height.

If you’re the type of person who goes for some spinning, head to the world renowned Crown Casino at the Crown Towers( the place for entertainment, luxury and hospitality at its best. Its Hotel at The Crown Tower is a whooping Five Start Hotel). The Crown Tower’s 482 luxuriously designed over sized rooms are all designed to provide maximum comfort and access to the views of the CBD or Port Phillip Bay. You might also want to revisit the past through The Melbourne Museum, the structure was completed in 2000 and its one of the biggest museums in the southern hemisphere. The first of Australian structure to receive World Heritage recognition is the Royal Exhibition Building (where you can also spend a time to visit). One of the finest building in Australia is the Old Treasury Building that now houses the Melbourne City museum. To complete the Top of the ten is The State Library of Victoria located at Swanson St.

That’s only Melbourne and we have yet the rest of Australia. Gee, I wonder how many days it will take me. Australia is just a place with endless of beautiful destinations.

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