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Luxury Hotels in Malta and Gozo

When staying in Malta it is always a good idea to stay in a five star Malta hotel. There are a lot of hotels in malta available for all tourist. Some are more affordable than others but for those of you looking for a very special treatment for a very special occasion a five star Malta hotel would be your best choice. Five star Malta Hotels are located all over the island nation of Malta. Continue reading

Venice Orient Express: traditional luxury travel

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, more generally known as the Orient Express, is a legendary train that conjures up visions of mystery and intrigue. It has been the subject of many books, and many movies and novels have taken their settings and plots from this luxurious train. It has a powerful grasp on the imagination, and in many ways, it is still the epitome of luxury travel. Continue reading

New trends in 2010 for luxury travel sector

In preparation for next year’s business arena, many industry professionals have begun forecasting trends with regard to the luxury travel market. A recent survey of seasoned travelers, as well as discerning travel professionals listed that we can expect everything from niche luxury cruises to customized adventure travel to exotic, albeit remote destinations. Having studied these luxury travel trend predictions, relevant survey results and many travel professionals’ insights, this is the current outlook for 2010. Continue reading

Architecture and Buildings in Las Vegas Downtown

In the last 2 decades, the largest casino grand opening in Las Vegas was the Bellagio, Venetian, and Wynn. In different ways, all 3 casinos re-shaped the expectation of gaming, entertainment, dining, and luxury for the Las Vegas traveler. Now, MGM has redefined “Sin City” and all Las Vegas Hotels as it unveils the extraordinary and somewhat overwhelming heart of Las Vegas, City Center. Continue reading

Delhi Luxury Hotels

The national capital metropolis of India, Delhi stands tall in the world map as the greenest city. Donned with historical monuments, the legacy of the bygone era including corporate buildings and a green milieu, the city has attracted tourists from across the country and the world. It is one of the most happening business destinations globally. The first in the itinerary for any business traveler or leisure tourist is the lodging factor and New Delhi hotels serve the criteria as per budget and preferences. Delhi hotels are known worldwide for the hospitality provided and the world class facilities offered. Continue reading

Orange County California Vacations

Orange County in Southern California is located in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Orange County is mainly visited by tourists to the Disney Land Park in Anaheim, however if you are looking for a beach holiday the coat of Orange County is fantastic. Its beaches of Huntingdon, Laguna and Newport offer white sand and blue seas set in pretty little coastal towns stretching for over 30 miles from LA Harbour to San Diego. Continue reading