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New Zealand attractions and tourist activities

New Zealand is the perfect destination for those who enjoy traveling alone. The country is small enough to easily find your way around and lodging is affordable and the people welcoming and affable. Part of the fun of traveling is to plan your own schedule and travel preparations, decide for yourself where to go, when, and for how many days. New Zealand is about free choice and independence with its spectacular mountains and diverse scenery. Continue reading

Wellington City walking tips

“Te Upoko o te Ika a Maui” is way too awkward than saying “Wellington”, the New Zealand’s capital. The first mentioned is the first name or the earliest name of Wellington from Maori legend. Wellington has striking harbors and mellow dramatic terrains. It was however Auckland that became the first capital of New Zealand was later on moved to Wellington in 1865, on the basis of Wellington’s central geographic position. Now Wellington does have a greatness of it’s own – vivid, scenic, wild, romantic and relaxed. Another home to some of the best museums and beaches. Continue reading