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A Ski Vacation In Italy

One of the oldest alpine ski areas in Italy, Limone can be found when traveling north from the Mediterranean Sea. With a top lift elevation of 6,689 feet and a vertical drop of 3,033 feet, Limone Ski Resort has 46 ski trails with 27 lifts, consisting of 7 chair lifts and 20 surface lifts. Of the 46 slopes and extensive runs that are available to guests and skiers, 13% are for beginners, 69% are for intermediate level, and 18% are for the experts. The snow up here is known to be unpredictable towards the end of the winter season’ end, due to the altitude and latitude mix. Available also is the Limone Ski School, which has over 100 qualified skiing instructors for individual or group lessons, which in the past had organized the downhill Women’s World Cup, and the Italian Men and Soldier’s Championship. Very impressive and outstanding of a background, and more than qualified to teach, don’t you think? Continue reading

Discover the Magic of Venice at Night

A sea fog drifting in from the Adriatic gave an almost surreal atmosphere as we strolled through Piazza San Marco {St Mark’s Square}. It was just after midnight and the square was almost deserted. My wife and I enjoyed the free music from tired musicians playing before the last of the outdoor diners, before walking to the edge of the main shipping canal. Continue reading

Ferrara Italy A Medieval Wonder

When North American travelers think of historic Italian cities, they often think of Florence, Rome, and Venice. But for those who know the real Italy, there are other incalculable riches. One such treasure is the town of Ferrara, protected by UNESCO on the World Cultural Heritage list as a priceless example of a living, breathing work of Renaissance art. Continue reading