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Barcelona Museums Guide

One of the spots that visitors love while in Barcelona Spain are the historical museums. Spain has a great, centuries old culture. Tourists from come to these museums to discover more about Spain and its history.

Barcelona is known primarily for its wide array of art museums. If you are an art aficionado, then Barcelona will be the perfect place for you to visit. Continue reading

Nudism on Barcelona Beaches

Nudism has been a growing popular phenomenon over the past few years. Many people have turned it into their lifestyle, others see a form of perversion in it and some people make a living out of it. Nowadays, you may find camping areas, swimming pools and even entire villages of nudists! Nevertheless, this nudism fashion seeks its place in our societies. Continue reading

Discover Barcelona

One of the aspects about Barcelona that many people find especially fascinating is that the city has such a variety of completely different neighbourhoods, or districts. The Gothic Quarter, Eixample, Montjuïc and Barceloneta, for example all have aspects about them that are absolutely typically ‘Barcelona’ but are totally different to each other. A visitor can easily spend a day wandering around each of these districts; have a distinctly different experience in each of them; and yet unmistakably be in this charismatic Catalan city. Continue reading

Barcelona holiday apartments

One problem that many people encounter when attempting to plan their next vacation is with accommodations. Finding a hotel can be a tricky business, as you attempt to balance comfort, location, service, and price. Most of the time, you will not find a hotel that suits your needs just right, and will end up paying more than you would like to for your accommodations in a hotel. Most people do not realize that there is an alternative, however. When visiting Barcelona, you can always choose to rent an apartment in Barcelona, instead of paying to stay at a hotel. Continue reading