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5 Tips on Booking cheap family holidays

It’s been a long old time since the days when a family holiday meant a trip down the caravan or a weekend away in Margate or Bournemouth, with dad and grand dad wearing knotted hankies on their heads with their trousers rolled up to the knees so they could splash in the sea -adults just did not wear shorts before the eighties- and all the kids run around crazily, begging for ice cream and building sandcastles in the cold wet sand. As we move towards the end of the first decade in the twenty first century the only familiar bits from this whimsical and nostalgic look into the past is the kids running around crazily, and needless to say they are still begging for ice cream. Continue reading

Traveling with your Baby – Ten Tips to make it an Enjoyable Experience For The Family

Getting ready for a family vacation with a baby? Many things can make the trip a more enjoyable experience, depending on the age of the child. Of course, if the baby is still in diapers then having a good supply of diapers and baby wipes is a necessity. Bottled water for drinking and for rinsing out cups is a plus. Snacks, the healthy sugar free variety are also a necessity, and pillows and blankets to make the child comfortable during the long ride. Continue reading