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Travel to Costa Rica

Travel to Costa Rica to discover why our country was rated number 1 in the world on the Happy Planet Index according to the New Economics Foundation. As the greenest country in the world, the “Rich Coast”, the literal translation of Costa Rica, is complete with the largest protected areas of tropical green vegetation and wildlife from virtually every view. Continue reading

Nosara, Costa Rica

If you are looking for the hustle bustle of a big city with pollution, crime and more buildings than people, Nosara Costa Rica is not the place for you. This is a town that is in many ways unaffected by so much of the modern problems of life. Things there are simpler and purer, like taking a step back in time in many ways. Topping that off is the fact that there is plenty of ocean coastline to enjoy with six beautiful beaches and unlike many beautiful ocean areas they are not covered in homes and businesses. Continue reading

Costa Rica tourist information

Costa Rica is located in Central America and is officially known as “Republic of Costa Rica” . It is bordered by Nicaragua on the North side, Panama to the eastern and South side with Pacific Ocean to its West side and Caribbean Sea to its eastern side. As the name implies, Costa Rica also means “Rich Coast”, with long stretches of alluring and bright beaches. It is even known as “Switzerland of the Americans” due to its scenery, plants and animals, and ecology. Continue reading

Costa Rica Holiday Vacation

A Costa Rica vacation would mean a wild nature tripping adventure. It promises to be one of the most unforgettable. You will be amazed at the wonders of the earth.

If you are looking for the ultimate nature trip, then the Central American nation of Costa Rica is right for you. Here you can experience going up close to its several active volcanoes, getting to know its wonderful marine life, hiking through lush rain forests and going to the mountains to visit its several cloud forests. Continue reading

Costa Rica Adventures

You can have a ball in adventuresome Costa Rica, all you need to do is go for it. Costa Rica is a place where anyone can have fun, those willing to go out for a little adventure and those who prefer a more staid vacation. If you are of the former variety you will find everything from surfing and bungee jumping to canopying. These are some of the most exciting adventures that you could go on and they are all there for the taking in Costa Rica. Continue reading

Costa Rica Vacation Homes

What do you know about Costa Rica?Some people refer to it as the new Hawaii as the place is booming and it’s not too far to get there. This beautiful country is in Central America between Nicaragua to the North and Panama to the South. There is the Pacific Ocean on the one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other. Costa Rica is a paradise in all senses of the word and has amazing views and flora and fauna in profusion. Continue reading