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Jhunjhunu Sightseeing Attractions Rajasthan

The town of Jhunjhunu in Rajasthan was founded by Kaimkhani Nawabs in the middle of the 15th century, and remained under their control until it was taken by the Rajput ruler Sardul Singh in 1730 AD, which lasted till the Indian independence. It was in Jhunjhunu that the British based their Shekhawati brigade, a troop raised locally in the 1830s to try to halt the activities of the dacoits (bandits). They were largely local petty rulers who had decided it was easier to become wealthy by pinching other peoples’ money than by earning their own. Jhunjhunu is one of the largest towns of Shekhawati and is the current district headquarters. It has some of the region’s most beautiful buildings and should not be missed. The artistically painted havelis of Muragh Das Modi, and the Khaitans are spellbinding. Continue reading

Fatehpur Rajasthan: Harkishan Das Saraogi Haveli

The town of Fatehpur was established by Muslim Nawabs as their capital in 1451. But the Shekhawati Rajput seized it. Today this small town is scrappy and busy with fascinating havelis on either side of the street. It is a good place for tourists as it is a base for the visits to the nearby towns of Lakshmangarh and Mandawa. The Harkishan Das Saraogi Haveli is a bewitching site for the travelers and the connoisseurs. The haveli has been exquisitely done. Continue reading