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Popular beach destinations, vacations in Florida

Not only does Florida have ideal weather the majority of the time, but it also has many areas that are high tourist attraction hot spots. Orlando, Key West, Tampa and Miami are just some of the most visited areas in this sunny state. Each of these places offers a whirlwind of activities, shopping ventures, entertainment, water adventures and more. Continue reading

Family Vacations in Orlando, Florida

There are many things to do in Florida, but if you have a family, some of the places like Miami may not be for you. While there are many different fine adult activities in this area, they are just that, adult activities. Many families find that the Orlando area offers many more activities, and there are many different theme parks and resorts in this area. Continue reading

South Florida Beaches

It certainly is no secret that Florida is home to many of the world’s finest beaches. You can discover the beauty and magic of the top South Florida beaches during your next Miami vacation. Turn the music volume up, put the top of the car down, and consider making a stop at some of these locations during your next Florida trip. Continue reading