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Rajasthan Bundi Travel India

The Undiscovered Splendour: 36-km from Kota is a tiny picturesque town, Bundi in Rajasthan, which is one of the unexplored cities, with a rich historical wealth. Once a part of Kota, it was ruled by the Hada Chauhans – an off shoot of the famous Chauhan clan who ruled Delhi and Ajmer. Continue reading

Sundarbans National Park

Sundarbans National Park is a biosphere reserve, UNESCO World Heritage Site, tiger reserve and national park. It is situated in West Bengal’s Sundarbans delta – a region densely covered with mangrove forests. Aside from housing various species of reptiles, birds and invertebrates like the salt-water crocodile, it is also considered as one amongst the largest reserve for the Bengal tiger. Continue reading

Onam Festival in Kerala

Onam is the chief festival of Kerala and is celebrated with great pomp and show. Every individual of Kerala, participates in this festival regardless their religion and castes. It is the state festival and is regarded as the festival of unification. Onam is basically the harvest festival of Kerala.

Thousands of people from the adjoining states participate in the festival to have a glance of this majestic celebration. The festival of Onam is celebrated in the month of “Chingam” which is a Malayalam month. Always this festival occurs at the end of August and in the starting of September. Continue reading

Elephanta Festival, India

Elephanta Festival is held across the Mumbai harbor, on the Elephanta Island, near the world-renowned Elephanta Caves (A World Heritage Site). This feast of music and dance, celebrated under the stars, transforms the entire island into a large auditorium.

The Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) organizes the Elephanta Festival every year in the month of February. The festival is held at Elephanta Island, which is popular for a cave shrine of Lord Shiva. Continue reading