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Winter vacations in Florida

During those cold winter months you find yourself bundling up on a daily basis. As you walk out of the door the cold wind seems to pierce through the all of the clothing that you have layered onto your body stinging your skin. It makes sense that every time that you leave your house you are dreaming of a warmer place. Unfortunately, you do not have a lot of extra money to take yourself to a warm tropical island. Continue reading

Popular beach destinations, vacations in Florida

Not only does Florida have ideal weather the majority of the time, but it also has many areas that are high tourist attraction hot spots. Orlando, Key West, Tampa and Miami are just some of the most visited areas in this sunny state. Each of these places offers a whirlwind of activities, shopping ventures, entertainment, water adventures and more. Continue reading

Family Vacations in Orlando, Florida

There are many things to do in Florida, but if you have a family, some of the places like Miami may not be for you. While there are many different fine adult activities in this area, they are just that, adult activities. Many families find that the Orlando area offers many more activities, and there are many different theme parks and resorts in this area. Continue reading

Family Beach Vacations in Florida

A convenient location and wonderful climate makes Florida the ideal destination for a family vacation. Whether it is Miami or another city, getting around the state is easy as rental cars are widely available and reasonably priced as well. Round up the family and hit the beach, take a swim with the dolphins, or get your adrenaline rush on the roller coasters. Whatever your pleasure, Florida can deliver an experience unlike you will find anywhere else. Continue reading

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Theme Park

Formerly known as Blackpool Pleasure Beach, and lying in 42 acres of land, the park was founded in 1896 by Alderman William George Bean and had just one ride. His main aim was to create an American Style Amusement Park with the basic principle “to make adults feel like children again”. Since its inception, it has remained family run, with the latest managing director being Amanda Thompson who is also the managing director of Stageworks Worldwide Productions, who produce the shows at the park. Continue reading

Holiday Accommodation in Orlando

Your choice of Orlando accommodation can be difficult to make. When considering a vacation in Orlando, Florida, one of your problems will be finding the right kind of accommodation to suit you and your family. Hotel rooms are OK, but not always suitable for a family with children, and it is important to realize that there are alternatives. Let’s have a look at the various types of vacation accommodation in Orlando that people choose when on holiday and discuss the pros and cons of each. Continue reading