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Italy top tourist attractions

Italy is one of the most popular places to visit in the world. It’s a favorite of millions of tourists worldwide. And who can blame them? Nobody can resist the charms of Italy’s culture and architecture. This boot-shaped country was, after all, the home of the Legendary Romans and the Heroes of the Renaissance. Indeed, if you’re going to go to Italy, be prepared to have your breathe taken away by the sheer beauty of the place. Continue reading

Rome, the City of the Seven Hills

Rome is a famous city that spans over 2500 years home on the western coast of Italy. The eternal city has a reputation of lasting through various conquerors, eras, and practically devastation. However, Rome has stood through it all with all kinds of unique historical ruins standing as a remembrance to all that lived and died for their country and their culture. Continue reading

Rome Walking Tour

Rome is actually on open-air museum and everywhere you turn you see fascinating and beautiful buildings, parks, and historical sights. Most of Rome can be explored on your own, however, just because you seeing all the wonders does not mean you will know what these items are, what the history is with the item, and even the person or persons responsible for the creation. Continue reading

Rome Shopping Tours

Many visitors to Rome plan to visit all the sights and never think about shopping much except for things they need to purchase or souvenir shops. Well, Rome is a popular hubbub of fashion with shops that you will not find in the touristy areas. A matter of fact you may not even find the shops at all. Continue reading