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United Kingdom Windsurfing Destinations

Windsurfing has gained great popularity across the world. Countries like France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Australia and the United States have emerged as global windsurfing hubs with a number of windsurfing locations and favourable surfing conditions. The United Kingdom too is gradually developing into a popular windsurfing destination due to good surfing locations and conditions. Continue reading

Edinburgh tourist information and cultural attractions

The UK is full of interesting and historical cities and Edinburgh is fashionable with worldwide visitors and domestic travellers. Its combination of culture and history, dining venues, shopping opportunities and visitor attractions can compete with any other city in Europe and if you are looking for a weekend away or a short break with the family it is the perfect base from which to explore the rest of Scotland and its beauty. Continue reading

Edinburgh City Tour

Each year, the festival sees millions of performers and spectators descend on the Scottish capital to enjoy shows from their favorite performers or to experience entirely new acts – many of which offer the excellent extra of being free to attend. Many of the world’s biggest comedians found their feet at the Edinburgh Festival, and for this reason it’s held in very high regard amongst the higher circles of the industry. Continue reading

Edinburgh Festival

Edinburgh is certainly a city to be enjoyed year-round. After all, it is home to countless museums, galleries and other cultural attractions, while hosting countless events throughout the year – one of the most famous being the Hogmanay street party in the winter. Yet the most renowned of Edinburgh’s attractions is undoubtedly the Edinburgh Festival – bringing hundreds of thousands of people to the city each August to experience an arguably unrivalled burst of culture and life. Continue reading