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Walking the Ancient Lycian Way in coastal Turkey

The Roman province of Lycia was believed to be the first federation in the world that openly embraced democratic principles. These principles would later become the setting stone of the American Constitution. Nowadays the ancient kingdom of light, as Lycia was once known, is a popular holiday destination for visitors that want to make the most of the breathtaking beaches and ancient attractions on a Turkey walking holiday. Continue reading

Turkey Luxury Holiday

Like some destinations, your trip to Turkey will not be boring. Just like its location astride two continents, Turkey’s culture is a blend of Eastern and Western traditions.

Holidays at Turkey include more than just the beaches. The country is also famous for its rich history. Located right at the junction of two continents, the area was cherished by both, the East and the West. The legacies of these cultures are a delight for the tourists of the present time. Continue reading